Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson Learn To Lead®

Dave Anderson is president of LearnToLead®, an international sales and leadership training organization. After a successful career in automotive retail, Dave began LearnToLead® fifteen years ago, has given leadership presentations in fifteen countries, and speaks over 120 times annually on leadership, culture, and customer experience topics. He’s written twelve books and authors columns for three industry magazines. He has spoken at the NADA Convention eleven different years and is the monthly leadership columnist for both DEALER Magazine and Dealer Business Journal. Dave is also chairman of Matthew 25:35 Foundation, whose mission is to bring food, education, health, housing and ministry to under-resourced people worldwide.

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Jeremy Anspach

Jeremy Anspach President & CEO, PureCars ®

Jeremy Anspach is the Co-Founder & CEO of PureCars®, which offers award-winning digital merchandising solutions that help dealers dominate their digital strategy by driving more showroom opportunities and optimizing VDP conversion rates. A Detroit native, Jeremy has been in love with the car business his entire life. Jeremy’s unwavering vision coupled with his strong passion for providing more relevant information to improve the car buying experience now fuels the exploding success of PureCars. Their incredible suite of digital products include the PureCars Value Intelligence Platform, Trade-In Report, and the DrivingSales Innovation Cup award winner, SmartAdvertising®. Jeremy has had the privilege of speaking at Digital Dealer events, the DrivingSales Executive Summit, dealer 20 groups, webinar circuits, and several other venues.

PureCars is the digital authority in the automotive industry. The venture-backed research company operates under the mission to provide more relevant information to improve the car buying experience.

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Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan Jeff Cowan’s PRO TALK, Inc.

Jeff Cowan’s experience comes from being in the trenches. He is in his 28th year of doing business and has spent the greater part of that time standing on service drives, side-by-side with Service Advisors, successfully training them in the art of selling, customer service, customer retention, and communication skills. He is known as the father of modern day walk-around and selling processes for service drives, and is recognized as the nation’s authority when it comes to training service advisors. Most who experience Jeff’s training say it is the most practical, realistic, and easy to understand sales training ever made available to the marketplace. Jeff has earned numerous selling awards from various retail companies and has over thirty-six years of sales experience. He is one of the most sought after and highly regarded speakers throughout North America and is a regular speaker at the annual N.A.D.A. Convention. Jeff is also currently under contract with various automobile manufacturers and vendors aiding them in reaching their fixed operations goals. He currently resides in Indianapolis, IN, and Coto de Caza, CA.

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Alan Ram

Alan Ram Proactive Training Solutions, Inc.

Alan Ram, President of Proactive Training Solutions, Inc., is recognized by most as the best in the automotive industry at increasing individual, as well as dealership productivity through effective utilization of the telephone, Internet and client base management. He has worked and continues to work with tens of thousands of salespeople, managers, business development and Internet staff from coast to coast as well as internationally. Alan has worked with several manufacturers over the years and his training has been a staple of Chrysler’s certification program at over 2300 dealerships nationwide. He is an original partner on NADA University and his "Management by Fire" workshops are now endorsed and promoted by NCM Associates. His workshop, "Five Simple Strategies to Sell More Cars Now" was the number one attended session at the 2012 NADA convention. Alan combines his sharp sense of humor along with a real world approach to get his message across. Alan served proudly in the United States Marine Corps prior to beginning his career in the automotive industry. He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he’s an experienced private pilot and an avid hiker. He is also a major sponsor of Children’s First Academy in Phoenix, a school with a student body below the poverty line or homeless. Alan says, in life as in business, "Sometimes all anyone needs is that one chance.”

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Special CPO Panel

CPO: Next Generation Strategies Sponsored by NCM Associates / Moderated by Jim Fitzpatrick

Get ready for the CPO Revolution with a special panel featuring the nation’s top CPO dealers and industry thought leaders. Sponsored by NCM Associates, the interactive panel will focus on the expansion of pre-owned certification programs to include not only the core vehicles on a franchised dealer’s lot, but the other pre-owned makes and models on the lot as well. Dealers in attendance are invited to share in the open forum discussion designed to provide valuable take-away information dealers can put to work immediately. Join the in-depth discussion and prepare to evolve your used vehicle lot.


  • Rick Ricart — Ricart Automotive Group
    Rick Ricart

    Rick Ricart is the General Manager of Ricart Automotive, the largest CPO dealer in the world. Averaging over 550 CPO vehicle sales per month in one location during 2014, Ricart has established himself as an authority on effective CPO marketing of all makes and models. He has the background and expertise to speak to all aspects of CPO, from acquisition and PDI, to inventory control and marketing. Ricart Automotive is a Top 20 Ford dealership with six other franchises that combines all of its pre-owned sales under one roof, “The Ricart Used Car Factory” in Columbus, OH.

  • Adam Simms — Price Simms Auto Group
    Adam Simms

    Adam Simms combines the talents of both an innovative industry visionary and a hands-on operator. Simms has led Toyota Sunnyvale to be one of the nation’s fastest-growing Toyota stores, now ranking in the top 20 sales volume nationally. Simms founded, Response Logix and Digital Airstrike, and has served as Vice President of used car operations at AutoNation.

  • Robin Cunningham — NCM Associates
    Robin Cunningham

    Robin Cunningham of the NCM Institute is one of NCM’s most experienced thought leaders regarding pre-owned vehicle sales and processes. His in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the dealership comes from 30 years of automotive retail experience in sales, general management and as a dealer/owner.

  • Jeremy Anspach — PureCars®
    Jeremy Anspach

    Jeremy Anspach, Founder and CEO of PureCars®, led the revolution of online shopping for quality pre-owned vehicles and has since developed SmartAdvertising® as a Google Partner. With over 10 million customers a month using the PureCars platform, Anspach has come to understand the market from every facet.

  • Larry Dorfman — EasyCare®
    Larry Dorfman

    EasyCare®’s CEO and Chairman, Larry Dorfman brings 30 years of experience in the warranty segment of the automotive industry. EasyCare created the first-ever independent CPO program, helped build highly impactful OEM CPO programs for Ford, Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar and delivers the MOTOR TREND Certified Vehicles program to select dealerships across the country.

  • Jim Fitzpatrick (Moderator) — CBT News
    Jim Fitzpatrick

    Jim Fitzpatrick, Founder and President of Car Biz Today (CBT News), has a long history in the automotive business, first in retail and most recently in education and advertising.

David Spisak

David Spisak President of ReverseRisk

David Spisak has had a passion for driving dealership performance improvement over his entire thirty plus year automotive career. In every position, from sales to general manager, he was consistently recognized for achieving the highest levels of performance. That culminated in 2000, when the Smythe European, the dealership he was operating was named the most profitable dealership in the United States. The $23.7 million dollars in net profit still stands today as the record for a single point dealership. That record was achieved by empowering his management team with actionable business intelligence that allowed them to perform at the highest levels ever seen in retail automotive history.

He is uniquely qualified to effectively teach others how to achieve maximum results in their department or dealership. His real world, on the front line experience, includes managing both private and publicly owned dealerships. Over his 27 years in retail automotive management he has run both single point stores and managed a $2 billion, 34 store group with over 3,200 associates. In addition to the recognition he received for his achievements at a single point store, he also received the award for the highest performing market in out of AutoNation’s 24 markets in the country.

David, along with his partners, co-founded ReverseRisk in 2008 with the goal of creating the most powerful, easy to use software platform in the world that enables dealers and their management teams to achieve the highest performance possible in their stores. Their product, Axcessa, provides unprecedented transparency while increasing their stores cash flow, individual and departmental performance and bottom line profitability. He is also an accomplished speaker who combines his significant automotive expertise with his experience as a comedian to engage his audience in an upbeat, lighthearted manner while delivering extremely powerful and effective strategies that ensure they can see immediate improvement the moment they implement them in their organization.

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