Training Summary

Eight Things To Use In Your Dealership Immediately, Brought To You By Best Training Day Ever™

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing great insights we learned at Best Training Day Ever that can help put your dealership in a league of its own. So let’s kick this off by keeping it practical with eight kernels of business wisdom we heard at Best Training Day Ever that dealers can use right away:

Jeff Cowan taught you how to eliminate heat cases in your service lane, before they even happen.

“Stop calling them ‘appointment times.’ Start calling them ‘check-in times.’ From now on, when you speak to a service customer on the phone, tell them exactly what’s going to happen when they pull into your service lane – in detail. When they arrive, explain it to them again. You set the expectations. Not them. You’ll feel the difference immediately.”

David Spisak says understanding your data can change your profits.

“One of our dealerships had an F&I manager in one store doing $1,730 per copy. And an F&I manager at another store doing $1,200 per copy. But the first manager was only getting 35% of the deals. The dealer flipped those two people around and gained $22,000 in F&I gross.”

Jeremy Anspach motivated you to optimize for mobile.

“47% of all automotive search queries are coming from mobile devices. Your ads should show up. Your landing pages had better be optimized, and if you do these things well, there’s a good probability you’re going to master quality scoring [in Google] and see really high scores – 8s and 9s and 10s.”

Dave Anderson said to take a lesson from Vince Lombardi’s legendary turnaround of the 1959 Green Bay Packers and be brilliant at the basics.

“Lombardi believed you don’t have to do extraordinary things to be in a league of your own. Instead you have to do the ordinary things in a spectacular way.”

Jeff Cowan explained what your service department should learn from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

“Their food servers use a word track that conveys to the customer that they’re about to have an unforgettable experience. In our industry the average customer stops using their dealership’s service drive at around the 3-year mark, because mechanics are all the same to them. Your word tracks must reiterate value.”

Dave Anderson gave you tough talk about finding good people.

“Start with what you’ve got. Have you trained who you have? Have you set expectations for who you have? Have you learned how to motivate who you have? If you haven’t done those things there is no sense whatsoever in throwing those people away, bringing in new people then subjecting them to the same problems. The good people might be right under your nose.”

Alan Ram gave you a new way to understand your training expenses.

“The biggest expense for dealers is missed opportunities to do business. It’s not enough training just to have your BDC people listen to me talk. They must go through simulations. There must be accountability.”

Joe Verde gave you an industry benchmark to which you can hold your sales team.

“Eight out of ten people that walk on a lot are going to buy – period. They have done their homework and they’re trying to give you the money. Why do we make it so hard? The fastest way to increase revenue in your dealership is to make sure your sales team is converting that 8 out of 10.”

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