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  • Larry Dorfman: BTDE2015 Interview

    CBT News’ Jim Fitzpatrick sits down with EasyCare’s Larry Dorfman at 2015’s Best Training Day Ever for a recap of the event.

  • Larry Dorfman: BTDE2015 Preview with CBT News

    Larry Dorfman discusses the 2015 Best Training Day Ever to be held on Thursday, January 22, 2015 in San Francisco.

  • The Best Training Day Ever 2014 Trailer

    One day. Six trainers. Join us for the industry’s best event, and “Perfect the Path to the Purchase™.”

  • Alan Ram: BTDE2013 Interview

    CBT News sits down for an exclusive interview with Alan Ram at last year’s Best Training Day Ever.

  • Joe Verde: BTDE2013 Interview

    CBT News sits down with Joe Verde at last year’s Best Training Day Ever.

  • Shaka Dyson: BTDE2013 Interview

    CBT News sits down with Shaka Dyson at last year’s Best Training Day Ever.

  • Grant Cardone: BTDE2013 Interview

    CBT News sits down with Grant Cardone at last year’s Best Training Day Ever.

  • #lovethecarbusiness – Jeff Cowan

    Jeff Cowan’s experience comes from being in the trenches on service drives. He is in his 27th year of business as the founder and President of Jeff Cowan’s PRO TALK, Inc. Prior to PRO TALK, Jeff was fortunate to have worked in the sales profession in many different industries, which has contributed greatly to his highly effective sales techniques.

    Jeff and his company PRO TALK have successfully trained countless service employees in the art of selling, communication skills, customer service, retention, and many other skills necessary to achieve their fixed operations goals. Currently partnered with NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association), EasyCare, NCM, MPi and other vendors and manufacturers, Jeff is the nation’s authority when it comes to training service advisors and service support staff.

  • #lovethecarbusiness – Larry Dorfman

    Part of the reason Larry Dorfman entered the car business was because back in 1984 he “hated to take his car to a service department.” His answer to this problem was to found EasyCare and become an advocate for the consumer. Now almost 30 years after its inception, EasyCare continues to be a voice for the consumer and has turned what you used to be an intimidating trip to a service department into a pleasurable experience. The positive influence that EasyCare has on the automotive industry extends from consumer to retail. Not only do they ensure that customer claims are covered, they also ensure that dealers are paid on time for their hard work. When we asked Larry why he enjoys his job he told us this: “What I like most about our job is that we get to help people succeed.”

  • #lovethecarbusiness – Dave Anderson

    For Dave Anderson, President of Learn to Lead, it’s all about making a difference. For more than 13 years, Learn to Lead has taken dealership leaders and guided them in their transition from good to great. The fact is, people are connected to their cars. It’s a part of their image, their life story, and their identity. When we asked him to share his #lovethecarbusiness testimony, he offered this advice. If we can use technology and great people to create better and different experiences, people will come back. Hear more from Dave Anderson as we continue our #lovethecarbusiness series.

  • #lovethecarbusiness – Alan Ram

    To be successful in any business one must be driven, dedicated, and have good role models to learn from. For Alan Ram, the first two came naturally. When it came to finding good role models to learn from, Alan will be the first to say that he was fortunate to receive excellent training at his first job. That excellent training is what ultimately led Alan to found Proactive Training Solutions 1991. Since then Alan has had the pleasure of working with some of the premier dealer groups in the United States including the Penske Auto Group, Asbury Automotive Group, Staluppi Organization, Kendall Auto Group, Future Auto Group and Sewell Auto Dealers. We asked Alan what he feels is the most important attribute for a sales manager? To which he replied; “The best managers and sales people are not just there to make money. They genuinely like helping people.”

  • Larry Dorfman: BTDE2013 Interview

    CBT News sits down with EasyCare’s Larry Dorfman at last year’s Best Training Day Ever.