ZERO TO LIGHTSPEED : How to Make More Money and Get Rid of the Heat

September 12th, 2017 - 9:15am - 10:00am

Brad Lea, founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT will show you the most effective way to increase your sales, improve customer satisfaction and eliminate the hassle.

Brad Lea

Bio Info:

Brad is a self-made entrepreneur. With over 25 years in sales & marketing and after training and motivating thousands worldwide, Brad realized that he was spinning his wheels. He was traveling non-stop, saying the same thing over and over and the only thing that was changing were the faces in the room.

Brad knew there had to be a better, more effective way to train and communicate. He realized that in order to truly learn anything… there had to be repetition, practice and ongoing accountability.

In 2000, Brad decided to create a solution that would allow him to better train his clients and deliver the value he was being paid for. Well, he did it. It worked so well he decided to completely change his business model and share the solution with the world. LightSpeed VT was born.

The Secrets of Inspirational Selling

September 12th, 2017 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

In this session David Lewis will share why the average salesperson only sells 10-12 cars per month, how to negotiate for stronger profits and the role that a leader takes in making the sales team successful.

David Lewis

Bio Info:

David Lewis is the President of David Lewis & Associates (DLA), which is located in Melbourne, Florida. Since 1986 David has been training Dealers, General Managers, Sales Managers, F&I Managers, Service Managers, Service Advisors and Salespeople on the “Art of Inspirational Selling.”

David Lewis started his career in 1979 selling cars for a local Chevrolet Dealership in Lawrence, MA.

His unique ideas have helped thousands of Dealerships nationwide achieve their sales and management goals. Since 2007, David has published 5 books:

1. The Secrets of Inspirational Selling
2. The Common Mistakes Automotive Salespeople Make
3. Understanding the Customer
4. The leadership Factor
5. Winners versus Losers

Since 1990, David has been rated as one of the top five speakers at the NADA Conventions and is a regular speaker at 20 Groups, local and state association events.

The Forgotten Rules of Service Advising

September 12th, 2017 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

There are three levels of Service Advising; those who are in the bottom 50% of performance, those who are in the top 50% and the very few elite Service Advisors who are in the top 5%. The Service Advisors in the top 5% are the ones who consistently deliver 2.5 hours per customer paid hours including oil changes. They have customer retention above 90% and survey scores which place them in the top 2% in the nation. They are in a class all by themselves and reside in the top 5% of their profession. How do they do it? They practice and live by the forgotten rules of Service Advising and general salesmanship. Jeff Cowan will show you and explain to you what these rules are and how easy they are to internalize, practice and execute. This is a session that every person in any service department can learn from and advance their careers with the proven methods that will be taught and discussed.

Jeff Cowan

Bio Info:

Jeff Cowan’s, President of PRO TALK, Inc., experience comes from being in the trenches. He is in his 28th year of doing business and has spent the greater part of that time standing on service drives, side-by-side with Service Advisors, successfully training them in the art of selling, customer service, customer retention, and communication skills. He is known as the father of modern day walk-around and selling processes for service drives, and is recognized as the nation’s authority when it comes to training service advisors. Most who experience Jeff’s training say it is the most practical, realistic, and easy to understand sales training ever made available to the marketplace. Jeff has earned numerous selling awards from various retail companies and has over thirty-six years of sales experience. He is one of the most sought after and highly regarded speakers throughout North America and is a regular speaker at the annual N.A.D.A. Convention. Jeff is also currently under contract with various automobile manufacturers and vendors aiding them in reaching their fixed operations goals. He currently resides in Indianapolis, IN, and Coto de Caza, CA.

Give More, Get More — How to Avoid the ‘Low-priced Provider Syndrome’ and Actually Make Front End Profit Again.

September 12th, 2017 - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Vice President of the Motor Trend Certified program, driven by EasyCare

Steve Richards

Bio Info:

Steve Richards is a one of a kind teacher who differentiates himself from others in the industry by consistently practicing what he preaches and executing what he teaches on dealership lots across the country literally every week. He has almost 40 years of automotive retail experience yet he is constantly studying the current market and looking into the future for what’s ahead. Steve focuses on applying his ongoing learning to enhance his ability to effectively communicate today’s buying experience to sales people.

“Steve’s wealth of experience in the automotive retail industry, including extensive knowledge of consumer behavior and the path to the purchase in today’s market make him a must see at the Best Training Day Ever” said Larry Dorfman, CEO of EasyCare. He is not only a great communicator, he is an entertaining speaker and he is real time in his knowledge of today’s car business and what dealers, sales people and managers really need to focus on to drive a great customer experience as well as higher profitability.”

Rick Ricart, of Ricart Automotive said, “Steve brings a real life scenario approach that all levels of sales can relate to. His rare combination of energy, humor and results guarantee engagement that eliminates any pushback. Training became a habit when our people tried and succeeded with the tools Steve provides.”

Jay Rosario, Dealer Principal at Wesley Chapel Nissan, a top 50 Nissan dealer nationally, said “Steve Richards training is centered on building the skills the individual needs to succeed in an ever changing automotive environment. He trains the salesperson and Management team to focus their processes on the “customer experience” and has not only increased our sales and profit, but our CSI as well.”

Mr. Richards’ YouTube station “Steve Richards Redzone” is full of outstanding training videos, has over 21,000 subscribers and his videos have enjoyed over 4 Million views over the years. It has exploded into a “go to site” for how to help sales people and managers more effectively sell and a site for consumers looking for help buying a vehicle.

Year-to-date (7/28/2017) there have been almost two-million views (1,756,648); almost half by consumers. The number of questions received daily about how to better sell a car is equaled by the number of questions from consumers about how to better buy.

“While the consumer’s purchase process continues to rapidly evolve, most dealership sales strategies are parked in neutral, having changed little in the last forty years. The skills necessary to meet the challenge of today’s internet savvy consumer are different than those that traditional sales teams possess,” said Richards. “I strive to help the sales person and manager truly understand today’s buyer and learn to deliver on their expectations thru the path to the purchase”.

Steve Richards is the Vice President of the Motor Trend Certified program, driven by EasyCare. He is responsible for the development and addition of Motor Trend Certified dealers nationwide as well as the team of trainers who support those dealers. He will join the Best Training Day Ever roster along with Dave Anderson, Jeff Cowan, Brad Lea and David Lewis in Dallas on September 11th.

How to Become a Game Changer in Your Organization

September 12th, 2017 - 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Every organization generally has four types of performers: undertakers, caretakers, play makers and game changers. In this session Dave Anderson presents an outline of each group, along with a no-nonsense blueprint for lifting your own performance, and that of others’ to “game changer” status.

Dave Anderson

Bio Info:

President of Dave Anderson’s LearnToLead

• Dave is president of Dave Anderson’s LearnToLead, an international sales and leadership training and consulting company.

• Prior to beginning LearnToLead, Dave enjoyed an extensive and successful career in the automotive retail industry.

• Dave gives 125 seminars and speeches annually and has spoken in sixteen countries. His distinct, “no-nonsense” message creates both discomfort and inspiration.

• He is author of thirteen books, including Up Your Business, If You Don’t Make Waves You’ll Drown, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK, and How to Lead by THE BOOK. His books have been translated into numerous languages and sell worldwide.

• Dave’s newest book, It’s Not Rocket Science: Four Simple Strategies for Mastering the Art of Execution.

• Dave authors leadership columns for three national magazines and his interviews and articles have appeared in hundreds of publications including: The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily and US News & World Report.

September 12th, 2017 - 5:00 pm - 6:00pm

Industry Summit Welcome Speaker

Greg Goebel

Bio Info:

Greg Goebel is the President of DealerStrong and the author of “The Complete Guide to Special Finance.” He’s the previous CEO of Auto Dealer Today and is a regular contributor to Auto Dealer Today magazine, addressing the needs of the Special Finance community.

Greg has extensive experience in the subprime sector. His dealerships first began utilizing Special Finance in 1990 and delivered over 11,000 subprime deals. His retail background also includes owning Buick, Pontiac, GMC and Hyundai franchises, and independent dealerships. This included one dealership dedicated solely to the Buy-Here Pay-Here market segment. He also owned and operated multiple stand alone automotive service facilities.

Greg continues to train dealers, vendors, and companies in special finance. He moderates a 20 group for NCM Associates and consults and coaches auto dealers that want to strengthen their operations and accelerate their growth. His insights and attention to market trends in the automotive space make him a reliable resource for many industry publications and a recognized dealer expert witness.